Mama: Are you struggling to build your email list?

List-building can be tricky. Take the hard work out of it by joining our AUDIENCE BUILDING CLUB for Mums. 

You've told us that you are finding it hard to list-build, so we've created a new club specifically designed to help you build your email list.  

Join the club and you will:  

  • cut through the overwhelm and frustration, and get a simple list-building strategy in place
  • get access to all our training and resources so you can experience rapid list growth within weeks
  • receive ongoing training and support to keep you accountable and on-track so you continue to grow. 
  • connect with a new circle of inspiring, like-minded Mumpreneurs who are also focused on list-building!

BONUS: As soon as you join the club you get access to our LIST-BUILDING MASTERCLASS (value $97)

Club members have quadrupled their list size within weeks! Ultimately this club will help you grow your list and gain more credibility, so you can make more sales.  

Thanks for stopping by Mama, we know your time is precious! 

This audience building club is for you if:  

1. You are starting out or in the early stages of your business and struggling to grow your list.

2. You are an established bricks & mortar product or service-based business wanting to move to a more scalable, online business model and you don't have an email list.  

3. You want a fun and supportive environment to receive personalised feedback on your list-building ideas, without investing in highly priced 1-2-1 coaching. 

Check out what Emma and Celia achieved in just their first month in the club!

The Struggle You're Facing

If you're reading this, you're probably already aware of the importance of audience building and growing your email list, but you are finding it a struggle. 

* Perhaps you're finding it hard to get the systems in place for collecting email addresses, or you simply have no idea at all where to start (don't worry, you're not the only one!)  

* Maybe you are ok with the background systems, but you're not sure what to offer people to get them signing up to your list and you need help brainstorming ideas - and deciding which one is best to run with.  

* Maybe you can't come up with an angle for your free offer that is convincing enough to generate sign-ups?

* Or it could be that people are signing up, but they're not your ideal customer and they don't stick around and stay subscribed! 

* You may also be feeling confused about what to do when you do get do you keep them engaged and what do you write about every week?*

You are not alone if you are struggling with these issues, we're coaching Mums on these same questions all the time. That's why we are super-excited to bring you together with a bunch of like-minded and highly motivated Mums to do something about it! 

In today's online business world, your email list is your number one business asset. According to ExactTarget research, 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day, making email the most consistently used internet marketing channel available*. 

So guess what? If you've been focussing all your energy on Facebook likes and Instagram followers and ignoring your email list, you may be heading down the wrong track. It's your email list that is most likely to convert to paying customers (if you do it right!) 

REMEMBER: Without an audience you have no-one to sell to. That's why we're so passionate about using this club to help you grow your list! 


* How to build an audience of raving fans who believe in your business, and will go on to buy from you, 

* The top 3 low-cost marketing strategies the Mums in our coaching programmes are successfully using to grow their email lists,

* The single most important factor that many Mums miss when they are starting out with audience-building, 

* How to start attracting new leads to your email list in an authentic way (so that you can start to enjoy the marketing side of your business instead of viewing it as a chore),

* How to use our club to get that sense of 'team' back that you have been missing since you started your own business! 

PLUS YOU GET ACCESS TO EXPERT ADVICE & SUPPORT FOR TAKING ACTION! For so many busy Mums, it's one thing to learn new information and quite another to have the time and energy to apply it, especially when you have questions along the way. 

In this club we've combined expert training & advice with ongoing support for implementation. You are guaranteed to see results (we are going to hold you accountable Mama!)  

BONUS: Join the club and you'll receive a bonus ticket to our LIST-BUILDING MASTERCLASS (valued at $97) - 90 minutes of training on the key fundamentals of list-building, designed to supercharge your list growth. 

Secure Your Access Now...

Mum's love our trainings and group coaching programmes. Here's what they say...

" I got some great ideas from my break out group for goals I can achieve - leveraging my work. Not just for income purposes, but so that I can help more women that way too". Dee

"Thank you, it's been an awesome evening - and very timely as well!" Jacinda 

"I enjoyed time to really get clear in a directed manner - being pointed in the direction of what I wanted and then being able to get clarity. Also the time to talk with someone new on a specific topic in the breakout room was a nice way to connect". Storm 

"Thanks guys :) great break from the norm!" Zarlene.

"Just coming together and socialising/bouncing ideas off each other has been wonderful". Becky

"As mums I think it's easy to get isolated and facebook is still quite removed. The connection with the other ladies was great, feeling part of something bigger than me. It was also refreshing to have a meeting and a time-line to be commited to doing some work that was not onerous and was fun! Rosalind

"Love the accountability - means actually doing instead of just thinking!" Heather

 "It's been great, I'm off to collect all the ideas running round in my ever busy head! Liked meeting other ladies in the chat rooms, loved the probing questions that made me think." Kathy

"[I've had] an amazing growth spurt to my email list for my pattern business. My list was around 300 and it shot to an amazing 1000 in a matter of days due to amazing marketing coaching by Jo and my VA."

 Ann Martin, Puddle Lane & Audrey Lane

"Since working with J9 and Jo over the past 8 months I have made some massive gains in regards to list growth. I knew NOTHING about mail systems or audience building before connecting with them, but within a short time I was seeing awesome results. In my first 6 weeks I managed to attract 300 new subscribers and I am now sitting at 1100 6 months later. With their advice and support I got clear on how to use lead magnets to grow my community and how to market my business and capture an engaged audience through other clever marketing tools. I love that they really believe in my business and gently push me to do well. They're such a fab and knowledgeable team, I love working with them"

Victoria Hood, Mindful Mum Aotearoa 

I think I had about 100 clients on my list at the beginning. I was adding to the list slowly with no real plan....your encouragement and ideas around how to grow my client list were crucial. I’ve got over 1000 people now and that’s not really even putting much money into this. Thanks to your help I’m going to be running more webinars this year and that’s a great way to grow your list. 

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Go-to-Girl

What's included for my NZ$47/month?  

  • One live monthly online meet-up - learn the fundamentals of list-building and receive Q&A coaching from J9 and Jo
  • Access to our private facebook group - connect with other club members, receive ongoing support for taking action, create list-building partnerships and receive input from J9, Jo and your crew of Mums 
  • A series of Quickstart Videos to help you set up all the systems you need
  • Email reminders and prompts to keep you on-track 
  • Audio and video replays of all club meet-ups - in case you want to go over the content again, or you miss a meeting 
  • The occasional surprise guest expert, bonus call or goody, because we love to treat our Mums!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've never participated in an online coaching club before. What if I can't make the technology work?  

You are not alone! We work with plenty of women who wouldn't call themselves "tech-savvy" and it's no problem. We use a simple online meeting tool that is easy to navigate and allows you to meet the other club members no matter where in New Zealand(or the world) you live. 

We're happy to say that we get fantastic feedback on the playful energy and the relationships that are built during our online programmes. PLUS meeting online is highly convenient - there's no travel time and you don't have to get dressed up!  

The online nature of the club also enables us to keep the cost down, making it more accessible to women at all levels of business, which we think is pretty great. 

2. When will the meetings and online trainings be held? 

There will be one live club meeting each month, except for the first month in August when we'll be kicking off with a bang and hosting two meet-ups (the BONUS 90 minute Masterclass PLUS our first official monthly club meeting).  

After you have signed up, we'll be in touch to find out the times and days that suit you best, then we'll set up the meetings to suit the majority of group members (to the best of our ability). 

We'll teach you the fundamentals of list-buiding on these calls and have time at the end of each meeting for Q&A sessions, so you can get direct feedback and support from Janine and Jo (and the other Mums in the club in the chat room!) 

3. What if I can't attend one of the live monthly calls? 

All our Audience Building Club meetings will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend you can catch up on the replay.

If you can't make a meeting live, it's your responsibility to send your questions through to us and we'll do our best to get to them in the Q&A. 

And remember, you can also use the facebook group to connect and catch up between meetings, so you won't miss a beat! 

4. I'm in! But I'm not signed up for paypal, can I pay by credit card? 

Yes! Once you click on one of the 'join now' buttons on this page, you'll be taken to pay via paypal. 

If you'd prefer to pay using your credit card, just scroll down the paypal page and look for the yellow "log in" button. Underneath that is the option to pay using credit or debit card. 

Any problems, just get in touch with us and we'll help you out!

5. How long will I need to stay in the club to see results in my business? 

We're not going to sugar-coat it - it will take time and commitment to follow through and take action on what we teach in the audience building club. We see some Mums making great progress very quickly, and others for whom it's a case of slow & steady wins the race. 

How quickly your list grows will depend on many different factors - we'll be teaching you about those in the bonus LIVE MASTERCLASS - so the faster you nail those key ingredients, the faster you will see list-growth. 

That's why we recommend you commit yourself to a 6 month membership of the club - so we can support you through the ups and downs and make sure you don't give up when the going get's tough (often a sign you are close to a breakthrough!)

6. I need this but I can't afford it, what shall I do?  

We get it and we have been there. It can be a big leap to invest in professional development or external support to grow your business, especially in the early years when money is tight.  

We understand that even a small amount like $47 may feel like a big deal to you right now, but in the context of your business growth, it's a drop in the bucket. We invite you to ask yourself "does my gut tell me that this is what I need right now?" or "where will I be in 6 months time if I don't make this investment?" then take the leap if your gut (and hopefully your head) is telling you to go for it!  

If you are serious about getting the expert support you need to take your business to the next level, you will find the money somehow.

7. What about converting my email list to sales? 

Great question! Of course, the ultimate goal is to convert your raving email subscribers to paying customers. But first you need the list, so that's where the focus of this club will be. Once you have the systems in place for good list growth, the focus shifts to getting great engagement from your tribe, THEN you look to making sales. When that time comes, we'll be there to guide you and answer your questions. We'll also let the group lead this - as it evolves there may be a demand for more teaching around engaging your tribe and converting to sales, and we'll be happy to respond!

Of course, we aren't miracle makers. You have to put the hard work in and it may not happen overnight, but if you put the principles you are taught during the club into practice, you will be on the path to more profitable, scalable business. 

A more profitable and fulfilling business is just a click away.