Get It Done Mum Clarity Session

In this rapid-fire coaching session we'll laser in on your key challenges and offer solutions you can apply immediately. 

You get to work with J9 or Jo - whoever we feel has the most complimentary skill set, knowledge and experience to help you gain immediate clarity, and we'll be focussed solely on you and your business for this session - for an investment of just $49 NZ. 

And that's not all - we'll also send you a recording of our coaching session and a key actions summary so you can get to work on implementation straight away. 

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“Thanks for the great session today Janine. It was so incredibly helpful and it's called a "Clarity Session" for a reason. It definitely made things a lot clearer and I'd highly recommend this to anyone needing some help.  Melissa Houston

 " I found [this session] very very helpful. Probably saved me a heap of money by reviewing and changing my branding now than in 6 months! Janine is very positive, insightful but also quite direct if she thinks you're on the wrong track with something. The great thing is that it's recorded so you can listen to it again as there's a lot discussed and she gives clear action plan afterwards" Sid Lyders

"I highly recommend the clarity and strategy sessions, they have made all the difference for me - going from having a great product to having the beginnings of a business"  Storm Baynes-Ryan

"Since this session my instagram following has almost doubled"!

Wow! I felt so incredibly inspired after my clarity session with J9. My head was buzzing with so many ideas – ways I could combine my art with helping others rather than keeping them separate. I came away realising that the fear of isolation from working from home was a big thing for me. I love being able to connect with others so after I finished I want searching online for other illustrators working independently from home. I found two awesome online communities, they are both based around weekly or daily drawing challenges. It has been excellent for getting feedback on my work and also being able to ask those more experienced freelance illustrators for advice in many different. I have been posting my daily and weekly drawings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since doing this my Instagram following has almost doubled. My next step is working out how to get these followers onto my email list (in considering an ethical bribe of a free downloadable colouring page). J9 gave me the inspiration to think big while also reminding me that it is okay to take your time and there isn’t any rush. I am enjoying slowly building up my audience and expanding my portfolio of work. The chat was excellent – thank you so much”.
Becky Lazarević

Thanks for re-directing me

"In such a short conversation you were able to enlighten me as to what is more important for me to spend my time on, as I was starting to head down the wrong road already with designing a website. Janine was able to point out that that's not a key focus right now - so thanks for re-directing me!" 
Tracy Marshall

Who are Jo and J9?

That's Jo on the left and Janine (aka J9) on the right. We are kiwi busineses coaches working specifically with Mums in business. You might say we're a two-for-one coaching package, bringing twice the bang for your coaching buck. We are on a marvellous mission to support thousands of Mums to blaze their own trail in business and life.