Welcome Business Mum: we'll help you grow your audience, bring in more income and spend more time with family!

If you're confused, overwhelmed, feel guilty and are SICK of struggling on alone, then read on!

Experience shows us that even when Mums know what they need to do to grow their businesses, they can struggle to actually follow through and make it happen. And there are many Mums who are simply overwhelmed and don't even know where to start.

Life gets busy, there is always a lot to do and it’s so easy to lose focus, get confused and overwhelmed, and when you’re doing it alone to not have the accountability you need to actually take action.

That’s why we have created our Rapid Results Mastermind group - to support Mums to focus on what's most important, gain one-on-one expert coaching, connect with other Mums, AND learn loads of strategies about audience building, how to market your biz in a way that feels genuine, leveraging your income and lots more.


Here's what you'll gain from joining the Rapid Results Mastermind

* No more confusion or worry: you'll get a personalised business strategy so you know exactly what you need to do each month.

* Make decisions faster and take action: you get 121 feedback from J9 and Jo on your ideas plus you'll have an accounability buddy to keep you on track between meetings.

* No more isolation! Mastermind with and be inspired by a small circle of other motivated Mums (6 maximum).

Experience hotseating / laser coaching: to really take your biz to the next level.

And - as the name implies - get results - faster!

“In terms of growth, I hit my milestone goal and had my two biggest months ever in November and December. Honestly I think it was the ability to fully focus that helped me get those results. The mastermind group makes me accountable, I love the ability to focus on the issue of the moment’ via hot-seating, and enjoy sharing and working with others in the same boat as me. I love the ability to receive solutions, suggestions and support about business and home life from ALL participants and also do the same for others, after all we are all female and females like to help others! I’d recommend any other business Mama to give this a go!”

Eleanor Blakey - Signpost Consulting

"I'm now generating enough income to have this as a full-time business!"

"In the space of just 6 weeks of working with Jo and J9 I've added 300 new email subscribers to my list, launched a specialised program for Mums and established an ongoing business plan that's generating enough income to have this as a full-time business!"

Victoria Hood - Mindful Mum Aotearoa


"After just a few months in the mastermind, my business is growing in leaps and bounds!"

"We were strangers when we joined this group but now we all support each other, ask and answer each other’s questions and support each other’s businesses.  I count these women as my friends now, not just as co-Mastermind group members that I chat to once a month.  My best cheerleaders in my business are from my Get it Done Mastermind group.  I took a leap of faith going this group.  At the time of joining I was a struggling single mum, surviving off a small amount of money I had set aside from a scholarship.  I took some of that money and joined the Mastermind group.  I felt like I was taking food off my children’s plates to join the Mastermind group - so I truly understand money concerns- but I had tried doing it solo for over 2 years and I was getting nowhere.  After just a few months in Mastermind, my business is growing and developing in leaps and bounds and - hand on heart- I couldn’t have done it without my Mastermind group."
Dee Cruse - Wellbeing For Educators

Who are Jo and J9?

That's Jo on the left and Janine (aka J9) on the right. We are kiwi busineses coaches working specifically with Mums in busineses. You might say we're a two-for-one coaching package, bringing twice the bang for your coaching buck. We are on a marvellous mission to support thousands of Mums to blaze their own trail in business and life - and this mastermind group is a wonderul way to access high-level coaching at a really affordable rate PLUS connect with other Mums in the same boat as you.